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The following are unsolicited testimonials from people, or parents of children, who have been assessed by  Enable SpLD Assessment. To ensure confidentiality the names have been anonymised.

Oscar's mother

Thank you for this assessment, it is so insightful and really informative. It will really help us to ensure Oscar gets the right support at school and that we support this at home. We really appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into this comprehensive report. It is so enlightening, and even helpful for me on a personal level as I have similar problems with auditory short-term memory/working memory, and had great difficulty learning to read as a child.

Many thanks for answering all my queries. This is so helpful to get a full understanding of Oscar’s needs. I really appreciate this!

Carly, post graduate student

Thank you for such a comprehensive session to ascertain any dyslexia. I appreciated that you took time to explain things and hung back at the end to let my thoughts come out in their own time...Thanks again for your time, expertise and kindness in administering the test with me this week.

Natasha, mature student

I wanted to express my thanks for the very thorough battery of assessments that you made to diagnose my learning difference. It appears that they are very sensitive, as the more I try to tailor my approach to compensate for difficulties highlighted, the easier studying is….It was not just the application of the tests, but your understanding of the whole matter and how you applied that understanding that I recognise as exemplar... I have also been using the strategies you suggested to minimise the visual issues, lighting, overlays etc. these really have helped enormously.

Aaron's mother 

It was a pleasure to meet you and I'll certainly be recommending you, should I have any friends who are in need of assessment for their children.

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